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Procedure for submission of application by the Pensioner and the Process involved in the payment:


Submission of signed pension forms to the office of the A.G. (A&E) through his concerned department as under:

Pension application in Form 5 in duplicate, (in case of pension) application in Form 14 & 12 in duplicate (in case of Family Pension),

Details of family in Form 3 showing date of birth, relation, marital status (with date of marriage) and details of handicapped members, if any, with Medical Certificate from a Medical Officer not below the rank of Civil Surgeon,

Nomination for Gratuity and Commuted Value of Pension, where pensioner applies for Commutation,

Passport size joint photo (with spouse) 3 copies duly attested,

Descriptive Roll (identification marks) 3 copies duly attested,

Specimen Signature 2 sets duly attested,

Death Certificate and Survival Certificate (in case of Family Pension),


Forwarding of pension proposal by Head of Office/Department or Finance Department (in case of Officer of Cadre Service)

All documents submitted above should be verified and countersigned by the Head Office/Authorized Officer of Finance Department,

Service Book may be made complete in all respects and up to date, Form 7 (in case of pension) or Form 18 (in case of Family Pension) is to be completed in all respects, and forwarded to the office of the Accountant General (A&E) along with above documents including check list, pension calculation sheet giving the details of the pensionary benefits admissible to an employee, covering letter by the forwarding authority. A copy of the orders regarding Provisional Pension/Gratuity if sanctioned by the Pension sanctioning Authority, copy of voluntary retirement order showing the date of his application for seeking voluntary retirement may also be sent.

Temporary Central Government servants on deputation to the State, on getting absorbed under this Government will be allowed to count the period of continuous temporary service under the Central Government immediately preceding the service under this Government.

Service as an Apprentice does not qualify for pension

Counting of service on contract is governed by Rule 17 .

Counting of Pre-retirement Civil Service in the case of re-employed Government Servant is governed by Rule 18 of CCS (Pension) Rule 1972.

Counting of Military Service rendered before civil employment is governed by Rule 19 of CCS (Pension) Rule 1972.

Counting of war service rendered before civil employment is governed by Rule 20 of CCS (Pension) Rule, 1972


Counting of period spent on leave All leave during service for which leave salary is payable and extra-ordinary leave granted on Medical Certificate shall count as Qualifying Service vide Rule 21 of CCS (Pension) Rule, 1972


Counting of period spent on training The Government may, by order, decide whether the time spent by a Government Servant under training immediately before appointment to service under the Government shall count as Qualifying Service vide Rule 22 of CCS (Pension) Rule, 1972


Counting of periods on suspension A period of suspension does not count towards Qualifying Service unless the authority competent declares so vide Rule 23 of CCS (Pension) Rule, 1972

Forfeiture of service on dismissal or removal entails forfeiture of past service vide Rule 24 of CCS (Pension) Rule, 1972

Counting of past service on reinstatement can be counted as Qualifying Service vide Rule 25 of CCS (Pension) Rule, 1972

Forfeiture of service on Resignation Resignation from a post entails forfeiture of past service unless resignation has been submitted to take up another appointment with the proper permission.


Effect of interruption in service In the absence of specific indication to the contrary in the Service Book, an interruption between two spells of Civil Service by a Government Servant shall be treated as automatically condoned vide Rule 27 & 28 of CCS (Pension) Rule, 1972

Addition to Qualifying Service in special circumstances may be permissible according to the provisions of Rule 29, 30, 31 & 48-B of CCS (Pension) Rule, 1972

Any other rules framed, order and circular issued from time to time by the Government.


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