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Provisional Pension



    If the Head of Office is of the opinion that  a Government Servant is likely to retire before his pension or gratuity or both can be finally assessed and settled in accordance with the provision of the Rules, he shall sanction Provisional Pension based on the qualifying service and emoluments determined by him. The Provisional pension so sanctioned, shall be drawn and disbursed by him until final pension is authorised by Accountant General


     Similarly, in respect of Government Servants against whom departmental or Judicial Proceedings may be pending, the Head of Office shall  pay the provisional pension based on the sanction issued by the competent authority. The Provisional Pension will continue to be paid till final orders are issued by the Government.


    The Provisional pension should not exceed the maximum pension which would have been admissible on the basis of the qualifying service up to the date of retirement of the Government Servant.


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