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Calculations of Qualifying Service.


Gross service means the period of service from the date of continuous service followed by confirmation in the same or another post to the date of termination of service/quitting from service.

Service termination

(a) On the afternoon of the last day of month in which the Government Servant attains the age of 58 years/60 years as the case may be;

 (b) On the day prior to the date of retirement in case of retirement under the revisions of Rule 48, 48-A of C.C.S. (Pension) Rules 1972 (in case of Retiring Pension, where the date of retirement will be treated as non-working day ;

 (c) On the day prior to the date of relief on invalidation under the provisions of Rule 20 of C.C.S. (leave) Rule 1972;

 (d) From the date of commencement of leave not due, if permitted to retire voluntarily while on such leave.


Deduct Non Qualifying service such as

(a) Boy service (service rendered before attaining the age of 18 years).

(b) Service as apprentice.

(c) Overstayal periods of suspension, other interruptions declared non qualifying service.

(d) Extra Ordinary Leave taken otherwise than on Medical Certificate.


Add service:

Weightage if any, admissible under Rule 18, 19, 20, 22, 25, 29, 30, 31 & 48 B of C.C.S. (Pension) Rules 1972.


The result of above gives the net Qualifying Service for Pension and Gratuity. The Qualifying Service should be in six monthly periods 3 months and above upto six month shall be treated as a completed six monthly period subject to maximum of two six monthly periods in a year

In the case of a Government Servant who was on earned leave or leave on average pay, as the case may be, during the last three years of service or last 10 months of service, as the case may be, and earned an increment, which was not withheld.

(a)  during the currency of the earned leave not exceeding 120 days or during the first one hundred and twenty days of earned leave exceeding 120 days, or

(b)  during the currency of leave on average pay not exceeding four months, or during the first four months of leave on average pay exceeding for months,

such increment, though not actually drawn, shall be included in the average emoluments.

If a Government servant immediately before his retirement or death was on Extraordinary Leave or under suspension; the period whereof does not count as service, the emoluments which he drew immediately before proceeding on such leave or being placed under suspension shall be the emoluments.

Pay drawn by a Government Servant while on Foreign Service shall not be treated as emoluments, but the pay which he would have drawn under the Government had he not been on Foreign Service shall alone be treated as emoluments.

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