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Audit mandate

 Section 16 of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India’s (Duties, Power and Conditions of Services) Act 1971 empowers on the Comptroller & Auditor General of India to audit all receipts payable into the Consolidated Fund of India and of each State and of each Union Territory having a Legislative Assembly.

 Revenue Audit Wing of Accountant General (Audit), Tripura conducts audit of revenue receipts of Government of Tripura.

 The State Revenue receipts comprises the following:

 A.     Tax Revenue Receipts

1. Sales Tax
2. State Excise
3. Other taxes on Income and Expenditure
4. Stamps and Registration fees
5. Taxes on vehicles
6. Other taxes and duties on commodities and service
7. Land Revenue
8. Taxes on Agriculture Income
9. Others

 B.      Non Tax Revenue

1. Forestry and Wild Life
2. Education, Sports, Amusement and Culture
3. Crop Husbandry
4. Other Administrative Services
5. Water Supply and Sanitation
6. Police
7. Interest Receipts
8. Stationery and Painting
9. Animal Husbandry
10. Industries
11. Public Works
12. Village and Small Industries
13. Fisheries
14. Other Rural Development Programmes
15. Others


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