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Every subscriber has to nominate, in one of the applicable forms prescribed in the First schedule to the rules.  A subscriber can nominate one or more members of the family and specify the share payable to each nominee, if he/she nominates more than one person in the prescribed form. 

Definition of family - For the purpose of GPF nomination, the family constitutes "spouse, parents, children, minor brothers, unmarried sisters, deceased son's widow and children”; and if no parent of the subscriber is alive, a paternal grand parent. 

When a nominee becomes invalid, the nomination shall become invalid in the event of the happening of a contingency specified in the nomination. If at the time of making the nomination the subscriber has no family, he shall provide in the nomination paper that the nomination shall become invalid in the event of his subsequently acquiring a family.

Cancellation of nomination  -  Every nomination made and every notice of cancellation given by a subscriber shall to the extent that is valid, take effect from the date on which it is received by the Accounts officer or the Head of office, as the case may be.

Review of nominations - If there is no nominee/ deemed nominee, the payment of the GP Fund balances of a deceased subscriber may be allowed in favour of claimant(S) on the basis of the succession certificate or survival certificate, granted by the competent civil court or by the State Government.


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