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Dos and Donts for GPF Final Withdrawal Claim

(Dos and Donts for GPF Final Withdrawal Claim)

This office has been experiencing in sending back a considerable number of GPF

Final Withdrawal claims due to incomplete, inadequate or wrong information in the claim form. In order to settle GPF Final Withdrawal claims expeditiously, some guidelines in the form of “Dos and Dont’s ” are listed below to enable concerned authorities/Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) to use it as checklist before forwarding the claims to this office, so that claims are received in complete shape and can be settled on priority basis.


DOs and DONTs

1. Obtain Final Withdrawal of GPF claim in Form-1 (from all retired subscribers), and in Form-2 ( from claimant other than subscriber i.e.  in respect of deceased subscriber) and forward the claims in the manner provided in Rule 34 to 35A of GPF(CS) Rules 1960.

1. Forward Final Withdrawal of GPF claim in Form-10A, Form-10B and Form-10C (Old form)

2. Forward the Final Withdrawal claim well in advance to enable this office to authorize the amount as soon as the subscriber is retired.

3. Do not forward the claim which is not signed by the DDO and without GPF A/C No. and departmental address of the applicant.

4. The form should be completely filled up, signed by the claimant and with full home address of the claimant.

5. Discontinue deduction of GPF subscription during last 3 months preceding superannuation as per Rule  of GPF(CS) Rules’1960.

6. Furnish a copy of last GPF statement along with the claim.

7. Ensure that the name and GPF A/C No. of the subscribers are correct as per latest GPF statement issued from A.G.(A&E) Tripura and date of retirement is tallied with the date of birth recorded in the GPF statement.

8. In case of death of Government employee (subscriber), ensure submission of ‘Death Certificate’, Survival certificate and list of nominees with percentage of share. In absence of ‘Nomination’, details of family member(s) with age and relationship supported by evidence or details of claimant(s) other than family member(s) supported by ‘Succession Certificate or survival certificate” are to be furnished.

9. Claim is supported by Legal Guardianship Certificate in case the claimant is minor.

10. Details of Last Fund Deduction (LFD) is clearly noted in the form with TV No. and date.

11. The name of DDO and Treasury through which the payment is desired need to be mentioned.

12. Certificate of drawal/non-drawal of Temporary Advance and Non-Refundable Advance during last 12 months preceding the date of retirement/death is filled up in the form.

13. An undertaking/certificate by Head of the office that no Temporary Advance/ Non-Refundable Advance will be sanctioned/paid from the date of forwarding the claim to till the date of retirement in case the claim is forwarded before retirement.

14. The form is signed and sealed by the Head of Office.

15. Final Withdrawal claim of Gazetted Officers should be forwarded through the

Concerned Deptt. of Govt. of Tripura.

Annual Statement of Accounts

After the close of each financial year, the Accounts officer shall send to each subscriber an Annual Statement of GPF Accounts in the Fund showing the opening balance as on the 1st April of the year, the total amounts credited or debited during the year, the total amount of interest credited as on 31st March of the year and the closing balance on that date.  Subscribers should satisfy themselves as to the correctness of the annual statement and errors should be brought to the notice of the Accounts Officer within 3 months of receipt of the statement.  The details of missing credits/ debits  will also be shown in the said statement.

Missing credits 

More often than not, all of the schedules / vouchers are not received from the Treasury for various reasons and hence, some of the credits / refunds / withdrawals do not get posted in the account.  These missing entries can be included in the subscriber's account subject to their furnishing of the wanting particulars as detailed below:


1. Name of the subscriber

2. GPF A/C No.

3. Name of the DDO under whom serving.

4. Amount of subscription / refund / withdrawal

5. Salary month for which details are being furnished.

6. Sub account under which salary was drawn.

7. Treasury / sub-treasury where the salary was drawn.

8. Treasury voucher number / challan number.

9. Total of the schedule amount enclosed in the particular voucher as noted on the abstract in case of credits.


Forwarding of Applications

All related enquires relating to GPF may be addressed to

The Senior Accounts Officer (PF Section), 
Office of the Accountant General (A&E), Tripura

Last Updated : 01-04-2014
**Use Postal PIN code positively for correspondance.
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